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With more and more parents looking to teach their children Qur'an at home, Quran 4 Kids offers a fun and engaging program which is easy for children to learn from. Not all children are able to access the Masjid as it is too far away or with our busy lifestyles some parents simply don't have the time to drop off and pick up. Other parents feel the quality of teaching at Madressah simply doesn't meet the needs of their child.

The traditional way of teaching does not work for everyone, children often become bored and frustrated and develop a negative association with learning Qur'an. This is the opposite of what we want for our children. As parents we want our children to gain a love of learning Qur'an and have a positive experience. There is a finally a fun and effective alternative that works from home!

Using the most effective resources and a variety of activities, our online lessons develop a love for learning Qur'an and children are always keen to move onto their next lesson MashAllah.

I have received amazing feedback from parents all over the world whose children are enjoying learning Qur'an and making fantastic progress MashAllah. Here is a review written by a happy Mum in Canada who is using the Gold package to teach her son Qur'an.

Sister Tasha

"After many failed programs I decided to teach my son from home using Quran 4 Kids MashAllah we both went from knowing very little to reading Qur'an on our own Alhamdulilah. It is the only program my son has enjoyed"

She also made a video review which you can watch by clicking the link

Children all learn differently, in every lesson we cater for all children by using visual, audio and practical resources. Children can explore how they learn and get the most out of each and every lesson. When they learn in different ways they are fully engaged and focused and therefore make great progress.

As a qualified and experienced Primary School and Tajweed teacher I have been fortunate enough to combine those skills providing a bespoke, child friendly Tajweed course which people are using all over the world MashAllah.


With the Gold Package you receive everything your child needs to know from beginning to end. The complete Tajweed Course for Book 1 starts with the alphabet and then moves onto to the basic rules of Tajweed. It covers the content which you would usually find in the Qaida Books, but the material is taught in a fun and interactive way. The recommended age to start this course is age 4+.

The complete course for Book 2 covers the more advanced Tajweed rules and can be started once your child has finished the first course. Both courses are full of fun activities and easy to follow lessons. Your will also receive a full set of Quran 4 Kids Books to go with the lessons.

Once your child has finished both courses and completed the lessons in their activity books, they will be equipped with everything they need to recite Qur'an confidently and fluently InshAllah. In this package you also receive a Memorisation course where I demonstrate how to put the rules into practice and recite Surahs correctly.

You will also receive the puppet series for Book 2. The puppet videos are fun taster lessons but it is the complete Tajweed courses which cover everything you need to know.

With the Gold Package you will have lifetime access to all courses.


Many parents struggle to motivate their children to learn Qur'an and develop a structure at home. Quran 4 Kids helps by providing fun lessons which children enjoy and that are easy to understand. With my simple, step by step approach parents and children can easily break it up into daily or weekly Qur'an lessons. Once you establish this you'll never look back. I also offer free parent training sessions with this package where I help parents set up a timetable to suit their needs and offer advice on how to use the package most effectively.

If you don't know Tajweed yourself - don't worry our lessons are very simple to follow, many parents learn alongside their children. However, as busy Mums leading hectic lifestyles we don't always have time to sit with our children - again this is not a problem as the lessons are designed so children can learn independently, each lesson is broken up into easily digestible components. The lessons are well explained from beginning to end using engaging resources throughout each lesson.


The best time to start is when your children are little as they are keen to learn and when taught in the right way they progress quicker and reach their true potential. This is why I created the Quran 4 Kids resources - to engage all children using fun and interactive methods from the comfort of their own home wherever you are in the world. . You can start using our Courses with your children from age 4+ and we also have our intermediate course for older children.


I teach children the correct pronunciation from the beginning using visual and audio resources which are clear and easy to understand. Throughout each lesson I model pronunciation using flashcards, audio support and other fun activities . So don't worry if you are unsure of Tajweed because your children will learn correctly from the start making it easy to recite beautifully and confidently InshAllah. I can also arrange sessions to check their progress and help set goals.

An everlasting reward for both you and your children InshAllah


With this amazing Tajweed Bundle Offer you receive lifetime access to our full range of Tajweed courses, covering all you need to know from beginning to end. Each lesson is fun and interactive suitable for children of all ages, packed with lots of engaging lessons and activities. You also receive a full Quran 4 Kids pack containing 4 books and a set of flashcards. Included in the Gold Package is:




QURAN 4 KIDS FULL BOOK PACK AND FLASHCARDS (delivered to your door)!

MASHALLAH KIDS LOVE IT and have made amazing progress! You can access our Bundle Offer here:

you can access all other resources to go with this course at


Here are just some of the fantastic reviews that I receive daily from happy parents MashAllah.

Parent Maryam Tukur using Quran 4 Kids to teach her children at home:

"Salam! I am a parent using all the Quran 4 Kids resources to teach my children Quran at home. I can proudly say that they have made excellent progress, my 7 year old now has started to read suratul Bakara and I just can't believe that she can with in a short time. So if you are looking to teach children how to read Quran in a fun and easy way that they would love, then Quran4kids books, videos and other resources they are simply the best resources out there MashAllah!!

"I must mention that the teacher books and online courses are very very helpful and has helped me understand tajweed myself and be able to explain it to my children M.A!

"I can't thank the author Suzanne, enough for all her Hard work in making this possible, so I will just say Jazakallahu Khairan! May Allah reward abundantly.

Sister Thahira, Wales:

"The Quran 4 Kids course has been a great asset to us, our children ranging from age 4-6 love the lessons and look forward to watching them every day. Their only request is for the videos to be longer which can be taken as a word of praise. They also enjoy the activities in the books and from a teachers perspective we are also equally impressed. Each chapter is broken down into small, digestible components which are easy to grasp and understand but are also engaging. Tajweed gas never been more fun for students and easier for teachers to teach! The suggestions given in the lessons have been very helpful. The prices are very reasonable and affordable, Quran 4 Kids has been a pleasure to work through. Would recommend for anyone wanting to teach children Qur’an.”

Sister Hifsah, Bolton;

“I really enjoyed this course and found it very beneficial. I found the ideas for childrens' learning excellent. The teaching strategies I learnt are dynamic as all children can benefit from this type of teaching, Thank you so much.”

Sister Neelofar, Dewsbury:

“We learnt a lot from this course, different techniques and ideas on how to teach children Quran which are easy to understand and implement. A very informative course delivered well with great ideas and practical teaching strategies. To go with the course there is a good range of resources and tools, very informative and easy to follow and implement.”

Munaza Kouser, Rochdale;

“A very enlightening course, lots of tips and tricks a must for all teachers and parents.”

Shabnam Kouser, Rochdale:

“The course is very beneficial for teachers especially those who face problems with teaching children Quran. I would rate this 5 star and recommend it to all friends and family.”

Tahira Sayed, Rochdale:

“I was having problems with some aspects of teaching this course gave me solutions for all of them, I am now full of ideas.”

Qur'an teacher, Leicester:

“The course is fantastic, it has helped me so much to teach my children, a much needed course MashAllah.”

Home schooling mum, Leicester:

“The course was full of excellent ideas I feel more prepared to teach my children at home.”

Another happy parent using the Quran 4 Kids course and books

"A challenge for me is that I am very self taught and to teach with correct terminology and articulation requires preparation. But I love that aspect as I am enabled to learn along with her. I think the lesson lengths are perfect."

Your Instructor

Suzanne Elizabeth Kidd
Suzanne Elizabeth Kidd

I have been a Muslim since the year 2000 Masha-Allah and I qualified as a primary school teacher in 2002. For the past 7 years I have worked as a primary school teacher in a muslim school. I am currently working as a Special Educational Needs teacher. Through my degree, further training and work experience I have gained a great insight into how children learn.

In 2009 I set up the Special Educational Needs Department at Manchester Muslim Prep School, one of the leading North West Muslim schools, and taught as a special needs teacher and co-ordinator for a further 3 years.

I studied with Al Manhal, a UK based organisation which teaches tajweed and after passing my exam through the The Jordanian institute 'The Society of the Conservation of the Quran' and it is through Allah's mercy that I have been given this opportunity to apply what I have learnt into teaching children tajweed.

Courses Included with Purchase

Bronze Package - Mini Qur'an Course - Series 2
Suzanne Elizabeth Kidd
Bronze Package - Qur'an Memorisation course for short Surahs
Suzanne Elizabeth Kidd
Silver Package - Complete Intermediate Tajweed Course
Book 2
Suzanne Elizabeth Kidd
Silver Package - Complete Beginners Tajweed Course
Book 1
Suzanne Elizabeth Kidd

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The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
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How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
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We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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